Northumberland Garden Seminar at Felton Park

16 September 2015

Calibre Metalwork appointed main contractor on Felton Park Glasshouse

For anyone interested in our work at Felton Park there is an event taking place at the glasshouse and Gallery 45 on Saturday, 26th September, 2015.

The programme and speakers are as follows:

9.30am - Meet at Felton Park glasshouse, which will be almost complete. 10.00am - Walk or drive to Gallery 45 10.15am - Coffee

From 10.30am to 12.30pm

  • Harry Beamish, who carried out Historic England’s research into the glasshouse, on why the glasshouse is so unusual.
  • Dr David Marsh, garden historian, on John Claudius Loudon’s contribution to popular gardening.
  • Geoff Bailey, descendant of W & D Bailey (Iron Founders) of Holborn, who acquired Loudon’s patent in 1818, on how the glasshouse was manufactured.
  • Fiona Green, Chairman of Northumbria Gardens Trust, on Northumberland’s gardening culture.

12.30pm - Concluding Remarks

1.00pm (Optional) Lunch at Northumberland Arms

Tickets (60 places): Seminar only £3; Lunch at Northumberland Arms £20.

Apply: or Tim Maxwell: 01670 787776



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