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Chester Cathedral

The cathedral’s original bell ringing chamber and belfry have been opened to the public.

Handrails and improved barrier protection were needed on the stone spiral stairs and along the internal walkways. New stairs and metal walkways were also needed to enable open access to the roof.

Methods and techniques, supervised by the cathedral archaeologist, included setting fixings into mortar joints to avoid damaging stonework.

Visual impact was minimised by use of Webnet infills which were supported by tensioned wires.

Chester Cathedral

The Cathedral, Chester

Chester Cathedral - New rooftop walkway

New rooftop walkway

Chester Cathedral - Barriers to triforium level walkways

Barriers to triforium level walkways

Project Details

  • Employer: The Dean & Chapter of Chester Cathedral
  • Architect: Donald Insall Associates
  • Main Contractor: William Anelay Ltd