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Hastings Clock, Rotherham

This cast iron clock, made by Glasgow foundry Walter Macfarlane & Co, was presented to the town by local business man James Hastings to commemorate the coronation of George V and Queen Mary. It has been returned to its original 1912 site in Effingham Square as part of a town centre redevelopment scheme.

We performed a full refurbishment including dismantling, blast cleaning, cast iron repairs, complete repainting and re-erection. The clock faces have been reinstated in opalescent glass working from the originals which we found broken up inside the clock.

Drinking fountains around the clock include a trough for horses. This was found to have legs complete with hooves and fetlocks which had been buried for many years. They are now back on show and a popular local feature. The chiming bell was cast by John Taylor & Co at their foundry in Loughborough.

The clock is listed Gd II listed.

Hastings Clock

Clock head after restoration

Hastings Clock

Dismantled clock faces and lamps

Hastings Clock

Craning operations during reinstallation

Hastings Clock

Crane and mobile working platform working together

Hastings Clock

The horse's feet plus foundry stamp 'Macfarlane & Co'

Hastings Clock, Rotherham - Reinstalled in Effingham Square

Reinstalled in Effingham Square

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